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One Level Living with Goodall

May 9, 2022

One Level Living with Goodall

As the American population continues to age, homeowners are demanding properties to include features that can help them stay in their homes longer. While many accessibility features can be added to two-story homes, Goodall Homes is proud to offer several one-story floorplans perfect for homeowners looking to keep it grounded. Here are a few advantages of one-level living with Goodall Homes.  

Skip the stairs 

One of the biggest advantages of one-level living is that homeowners with ambulatory or joint issues don’t have to worry about the stairs. Stairs are often a falling hazard for both younger and older residents. Two-story homes can also pose difficulty in the event of a foot or leg injury. — an issue that can be avoided with a single-story home.  

Less laundry hassle 

Unless all bedrooms and the laundry room are located on the same level in a home, it’s likely you’ll be trudging your clean and dirty clothes up and down the stairs. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also be risky, especially for those with balance or walking challenges. One-level living with Goodall means that all bedrooms and laundry are located on the same level for total convenience and ease.  

Less maintenance 

One-story homes often contain less square footage than two-story options. This can mean lower maintenance and cleaning requirements, but it doesn’t stop there. Two-story homes are more difficult to clean and maintain than one-story homes because of the need to haul all cleaning items around the house. Hate the idea of having to sweep or vacuum your stairs? Skip the task by selecting one-level living! 

Easy evacuation 

No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario, but it’s important to consider. If you or your family were on the second story of your home and there was a fire, would you be able to safely escape? With one-level living, emergency evacuations are easier and safer to navigate, even for young children and seniors.  


Goodall Homes makes it easy to find the perfect one-level home for you. With options like The AcadiaThe AddisonThe Dalton, and many more, you’ll be sure to find your perfect selection. Start by choosing your ideal location, find a community that’s right for you, and check out all the available floorplans to be on your way to one-level living with Goodall Homes 


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