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Goodall Homes is Hiring a Development Manager

September 22, 2011

Goodall Homes is Hiring a Development Manager

Goodall Homes is hiring a Development Manager.  See below for details, and please forward resumes to  DEVELOPMENT  MANAGER  Job Description    


Under the immediate supervision of the Vice President of Development, the Development Manager is responsible for managing and monitoring field land development activities, landscape maintenance activities, SWPPP compliance, letters of credit for bonding land development activities, and various other support activities as they pertain to land development.


  • Manage Land Development Field Activities:
  • Monitor and manage budget, quality, and time schedule of land development contractors. 
    • Specific activities to monitor would include the construction of roads, water lines, storm and sanitary sewer lines, lift stations, building pads, and general grading activities. 
    • Schedule and coordinate construction staking and compaction testing.
    • Coordinate the construction process of utility companies (gas, electric, phone, cable)
  • Other field management projects would include the construction of parks, clubhouses, pools, playground equipment, walking trails, and other community amenities.
  • Manage Performance and Maintenance Letters of Credit:
  • Meet with city personnel to create punch lists for maintenance bonds (letters of credit).
  • Schedule and manage the work required to reduce or eliminate letters of credit.
  • Negotiate with municipalities for the least amount of bonding possible.
  • Present a written and verbal report monthly at the Development Meeting to update the team on current letters of credit and plans to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Manage Landscape Maintenance Process:
  • Create an annual bid package for all communities, including front entrances, amenities and open space, lakes and ponds, undeveloped land, and model homes.
  • Secure bids for all landscape maintenance each year, and award the contract to the successful bidder.
  • Act as the liaison between the company and the landscape contractor.
  •  Perform spot-check audits to ensure the landscape maintenance contractor is in compliance with contracts.
  • Train Project Managers in each community to be able to understand the contract contents so that they may also monitor compliance by the landscape contractor.
  • Manage, Monitor, and Audit Storm Water Procedures and Compliance:
  • Ensure the company is in compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws concerning storm water pollution.
  • Spot check field documentation and compliance of every community at a minimum of once per month and document the same in a general log located at the corporate offices.
  • Perform a semi-annual formal audit along with Senior Management of all communities for field compliance and compliance with all documentation requirements.
  • Monitor and ensure company personnel remain up to date on all required training.  Document the same in their personnel records.
  • Administrative Duties:
  • Assist in the creation and management of contracts and estimates.
  • Assist in approving invoices and purchase orders for payment.
  • Assist in submitting for and obtaining necessary permits and approvals.
  • Assist in the creation of project schedules.
  • Review project drawings for omissions / errors.
  • Collect as-built drawings; coordinate with production team; distribute to team.
  • Assist in the bid process, quantity take-offs, cost estimating, and cost analysis.
  • Assist in the coordination with civil engineering, geotechnical, and surveying consultants.
  • Other Duties:
  • Manage billboard sites including obtaining trimming permits, awarding trimming contracts, and overseeing trimming activities.
  • Assisting the Vice President of Development and the President with various activities to support the procuring of raw land and developed lots for the purpose of constructing new homes.
  • Required Meetings:
    • Attends and participates in the weekly Development Meeting.
  • Attends the weekly Great Game of Business Meeting.
  • Attends various meetings with city officials, land owners, city staff personnel, developers, and company production personnel.
  • Occasionally attends city planning sessions and Planning Commission meetings.
  • Training:
  • Required TDEC classes for Storm Water Pollution.


  1. Technical ability to manage and monitor land development resources and to aid in diagnosing and resolving field problems.
  2. Ability to communicate with and give directions to grading contractors, utility contractors, paving contractors, and other various trades.
  3. People skills to articulately and professionally handle conflicts with city staff personnel, land development contractors, and employees of the company. 
  4. Computer skills to help create and maintain budgets, schedules, and the creation and maintenance of various other spreadsheet documents.
  5. Willingness to work hard and long hours in adverse conditions, including inclement weather.  May be required to work weekends.
  6. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing
  7. Must hold a valid driver’s license in the state of Tennessee.
  8. Bachelors Degree and experience in the homebuilding industry.


Development Manager compensation includes base salary plus performance-based incentives (see specific compensation plan for details).

Accountability Metrics: 

  1. Project completion on time and within budget.
  2. Timely reduction of letters of credit / bonds.
  3. Timely execution of assigned administrative duties (billboard, landscape maintenance, bid packages prepared with timely results).


REPORTS TO: Vice President of Development WORKS WITH:  President, COO, CFO, VP of Production, Production Manager, company office support staff, development contractors, city officials and staff, company production personnel.  SUPERVISES:  Land development contractors, landscape maintenance contractors, company development personnel.
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