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Goodall Homes is Hiring a Customer Care Field Representative

June 19, 2012

Goodall Homes is Hiring a Customer Care Field Representative

Please submit your resume to Joel at Or, you can bring a copy by our home office, located at Goodall Homes, 393 Maple Street, Suite 100, Gallatin, TN 37066. Customer Care Field Representative PRIMARY FUNCTION:                     To perform Quality control Inspections on all homes, Welcome Home celebrations (Homeowner orientation),  and Warranty repairs that do not require power tools for the Customer Care Department at Goodall Homes. QC Inspection procedure: Upon arrival at the home, the Goodall representative performing the QC inspection shall 1st fill out the “Goodall QC Home Status Checklist”. This form shows the readiness of the home at the time of QC and is also part of the “Z” report. The person performing the QC inspection will “dot” all defects using the “QC DOT coding system” and will compile a list (trade specific) for all interior and exterior items needing repairs.  Upon completion of the QC each trade will receive a list from the Project Manager or Assistant with a “must be completed by” date so that there is no mistake as to when the repairs are to be completed.  A copy of the list for each individual trade will also be left in the home so that the trade, upon entering the home, will be able to see all areas needing repairs by their company (in case they forgot their copy). The original copy of the QC list and Home Status checklist will be scanned in the “R” drive by the customer care coordinator.  It can be located in the warranty folder for each home and labeled “QC list”. WHC process:  The Customer Care Coordinator sets the Welcome Home Celebration date for 7 calendar days prior to closing (schedule permitting). Their Final Meeting will automatically be scheduled for the day of closing, 1 hour prior to actual closing time (schedule permitting)  A Welcome Home Celebration manual & Home Sweet Home Pamphlet are taken to home along with a copy of the QC list and Home Status Checklist. (Arrive 1-2 hours early for proper review of the QC list and Home Status checklist). Place the “Welcome Home” banner on the garage door with magnets. Place folding chairs in the kitchen area so that the homeowners and the person doing the walk-thru can sit comfortably during the warranty book explanation. The warranty book explanation can take up to a half hour and we want the homeowner(s) to be comfortable. Make sure all lights are on and that the home is at a comfortable temperature. Update the Home Status Checklist. This will show any updates on completion between time of QC and Welcome Home Celebration. Go thru the QC list to ensure that all repairs listed on the QC list have been addressed. Use a checkmark in the box to the left for each item listed and mark if completed. Any items left outstanding on the QC list will be added to the TLC Items list prior to the Welcome Home Celebration. When the homeowner arrives. Next, thoroughly go through the Welcome Home Celebration manual with the homeowner, taking plenty of time to explain key items located in the manual. Make sure to go over the procedure for turning in warranty concerns at both the beginning and end of the Welcome Home Celebration so that the homeowner is clear on how to turn in warranty concerns to the warranty department. After completing the warranty manual explanation go through the entire home one room at a time. Explain how items in each room operate and help the homeowner make sure that all options and selections are in place and in the proper locations.  During the Welcome Home Celebration any new items found by the homeowner will be added to the TLC Items list as well as any items found by the Goodall representative performing the Welcome Home Celebration that were not inspected at the time of the QC due to non-completion as well as any items on the QC list that were not completed at the time of the Welcome Home Celebration. The intention of Welcome Home Celebration is just that, a celebration. Upon completion of the Welcome Home Celebration, have the homeowner(s) initial and sign the appropriate paperwork for the closing process. A copy of the TLC Items will be given to the project manager (or assistant) so that the remaining items can be addressed before the closing date. A complete copy of the buyer’s acceptance affidavit (TLC Items list) and mold prevention tips shall be given to the closing coordinator as part of the closing package. Final Meetings: The day of closing a representative of the customer care department shall return to the home with a copy of the TLC Items. All items noted on the list shall be checked for completion and marked if completed properly. Items repaired but still requiring attention will be marked incomplete. This will be part of the “Z” report. The originals shall be given to the Customer Care Coordinator so they can be scanned into the “R” drive and entered into Punch list Manager. They are then placed into a 3-ring binder for storage.   SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: (Warranty Repairs)
  • Preview work specified on Customer concern sheet, contact homeowner and help schedule work to be performed.
  •  Perform and oversee repairs (not requiring power tools) required to satisfy both homeowner and Goodall Homes
  •  Ensure that all necessary documentation has been collected from the Customer Care dept. prior to start of work.
  •  Completes written correspondence as necessary with customers in a timely manner as directed by the Customer Care Dept. Such correspondence may be necessitated by lack of response from customers, clarification of Customer Care policies, or verification of service request completion when other forms of communication have been unsuccessful.
  •  Provides documentation to customer files as needed to provide full accounts of service work or challenging situations.
  •  Performs follow-up calls on concern sheet signoffs as needed.
  •  Follows up on Trade Partner progress as directed by the Customer Care Dept.
  •  Performs other duties that may need to be assigned by the Customer Care Dept.
  •  Schedule appointments with Trade Partners when they are required.
  •  Get customer to sign off on all completed warranty work.
   EDUCATION:  High School Graduate Minimum    PREREQUISITES FOR SUCCESS:
  • Excellent construction knowledge.
  •  Ability to analyze problems and take corrective actions.
  •  Organizational aptitude to manage the job load and necessary paperwork.
  •  Excellent people skills
  •  Must be computer literate. Excell background helpful.
         ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS:          REPORTS TO:  Customer Care Manager          WORKS WITH:  Customer Care Department, Project Managers, Trade Contractors and Homeowners  TOOLS REQUIRED:          Basic tools (no power tools are to be used)                BASIC SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: NOTE* Basic knowledge of all aspects of the home building industry
  •   Electrical – must have basic wiring knowledge.
  •    HVAC – Basic Knowledge of HVAC systems
  •    Paint & Drywall – Must excel in drywall repair. Stress cracks, metal corner bead, and joint tapes are repaired by the Customer Care dept. All drywall repairs are painted by Customer Care field reps. Caulking of both interior and exterior items may be necessary.
  •     Basic knowledge in roof repair including shingle replacement, ridge caps vents, roof boots, including water heater  & HVAC vent pipe and exhaust vents for bathroom and dryer vents.
  •    Working skills including exterior deck repair and minor masonry repairs including concrete repairs.
  •    Interior trim work – Must know how to install base and shoe molding, chair rail, door jambs, and window and door casing.
  •    Must be able to detect and locate any water intrusions
  •    Must have basic knowledge of mold remediation. Must know how to handle water remediation according to Customer Care guidelines and procedure.
  •    Landscaping – Must know how a yard should look prior to a homeowner taking possession of their home including: good final grades, trees and shrubs, corrugated downspout extensions, swales, proper drainage, positive drains, and boundary locations.
  •  Plumbing – Must understand basic plumbing principles and have knowledge of basic repairs.
  •  Siding – Must have basic knowledge of  vinyl siding applications.
  •  Crawl Space – Must have general knowledge of the proper components included in a standard Goodall Homes crawl space.
  •  Must have working knowledge of all Customer Care guidelines including the Residential Warranty Corporation and Home Sweet Home warranty protocol.
  •  Excellent eye for detail and noticing defects in both materials and workmanship is essential for performing quality and thorough QC inspections.
   Special Note: Good people skills are required. Must be able to relate to homeowners on a personal level. Must be able to make them feel comfortable while performing work on their home. Must explain warranty guidelines to homeowners when specific questions are asked. If you don’t know the answer to a question, tell the homeowner that you will find the correct answer to their question within the Goodall organization and get back to them with it. Work hard to establish a good working relationship with all Goodall co-workers, including Trade Contractors. Working as a unified team will help to accomplish our goals as a reputable and caring homebuilder.
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