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Goodall Homes believes in a hunger free summer

June 5, 2015

Goodall Homes believes in a hunger free summer

(Posted in the Second Harvest blog on June 2, 2015--click HERE for the direct link.  Click HERE for the news segment from WKRN Channel 2.)
Goodall Homes is proud to sponsor Second Harvest’s Hunger Free Summer campaign for the second year in a row. Rachael Overall, the company’s marketing director, says this initiative will help raise awareness about the thousands of children who lose access to their school’s free and reduced-price meal programs each summer. “It’s really crucial to provide these missing breakfasts and lunches,” she says.Rachael credits her company’s owner, Bob Goodall, Jr., with ensuring Goodall Homes’ ongoing involvement with Second Harvest. She says it all started when her boss visited a local food pantry. When he saw the long lines, he knew he had to find a way to help. “He saw people he grew up with asking for food,” Rachael explains. “It was a very impactful experience.” In addition to supporting the Hunger Free Summer campaign, Rachael says Goodall Homes encourages its employees — and their families — to get involved with Second Harvest’s mission any way they can. Whether it’s making a financial contribution or spending a few hours volunteering at the Martin Distribution Center, Rachael knows her colleagues are making a real difference. “There are a lot of great organizations in the area, but Second Harvest is one of the best nonprofits I’ve ever worked with,” she says. Thank you, Goodall Homes, for serving as a model of corporate engagement in our community. Together, we’ll make this a Hunger Free Summer for countless children and their families.
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