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Goodall Homes at Bent Creek--A Happy Homeowner Experience

May 17, 2012

Goodall Homes at Bent Creek--A Happy Homeowner Experience

This is very possibly the happiest family in middle-Tennessee!  Tom and Alissa came into Goodall Homes' Bent Creek community last week with a specific need--a five-bedroom home for under $300,000.  They stumbled upon our model home and walked through, waiting on the Sales Representative, Angela Dover, to finish up with another customer.  When they stated their need to Angela, she was able to show them our Richmond II floorplan, which has the owner's suite downstairs, and the remaining four bedrooms upstairs.  This was perfect for Tom and Alissa, who are planning a wedding for August, and have four children between the two of them, ranging in age from 6-19.
After discussing more details about the Richmond II with Angela, and after looking at the available homesites, Tom and Alissa (and kids) decided that this was going to be the perfect home for them!
After Tom and Alissa signed their purchase agreement with Angela, they discussed taking a picture at their new homesite.  Tom and Alissa wanted to include their children in this event, so they came back the next day and took the two pictures you see here.  They are so excited about their new home, and will be closing on it in mid-October.
As you can see, Goodall Homes is doing more than just running a business--we are making people's dreams come true!  Thanks, Tom and Alissa, for letting us share your story!  We couldn't be happier for you all!  Welcome home!
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