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Bob Goodall, Jr Gives Away a Truck

April 2, 2014

Bob Goodall, Jr Gives Away a Truck

Bob Goodall gave a truck away this week! This was no April Fool's joke for Asa, a resident of Gallatin, TN.  On Tuesday, April 1st, Bob Goodall signed over the title of a work truck to Asa, to help him get a start on his career.  Asa graduated early from Gallatin High School, and is headed to Vol State to get his EMT certification.  He needed transportation to get back and forth from school.  He left the Goodall Homes parking lot with a truck, a full tank of gas, and a check to help him get good car insurance.  Bob encouraged Asa by telling him that he looks forward to seeing him serve the Sumner County area well.
This is what it's like working for a company who is not all about making money (although that's nice, too!).  Goodall Homes is full of integrity and charitable support for a variety of causes.  Thank you, Bob Goodall, Jr., for being a shining example of what it's like to be a great contribution to society.  We are blessed to have you, and Goodall Homes making such a difference in middle-Tennessee.
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