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Bob Goodall Initiates Efforts for Pastor, Food Bank Director in Sumner County to Receive a New Home

November 26, 2014

Bob Goodall Initiates Efforts for Pastor, Food Bank Director in Sumner County to Receive a New Home

At 72 years old and 53 years of marriage, The Gills have never owned their own home.  Today, Sumner Co food bank founder James Gill and his wife Barbara received the keys to their FIRST home.  Goodall Homes thanks everyone who donated their time, money, and materials to help make the Gills' dream of home ownership come true!  Click the link to view the News 2 coverage on tonight's news: 
(Courtesy of News 2) SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. - The director of the Sumner County Food Bank was on the receiving end of a blessing Thursday: James Gill and his wife Barbara got a home donated by people in the community. "I could not be happier than I am right now," said Pastor James Gill. As a pastor for 43 years, Gill and his wife have spent much of their lives together living in church parsonages. For the past 6 years, the couple has been living with their daughter's family in Castilian Springs. "Brother Gill is 72 years old and has never owned his own home," said Bob Goodall of Goodall Homes. "He had taken all of his savings and when the Food Bank didn't have any money, he took all of his savings and put it in the Food Bank.” Goodall set the wheels in motion to build the house. They received over $30,000 after their first call to the community. Other donations followed, totaling around $50,000. Supplies were either traded or donated and Goodall provided the labor. Gill said the house is primarily for his wife. "For 43 years she has followed me from church to church, never argued. We lived in church parsonages, she accepted that, and that was going to be our life," Gill said from his new front porch. He added, "I could not be happier than I am right now.” Barbara Gill told News 2 she will finally have a place for her family and friends to visit. "The Lord has a way of taking care of his ministers and ministers' family, and He has definitely taken care of us," she said. "It's a blessing to be able to give back to people and it's an extra blessing to receive. I never dreamed this day would come," Barbara continued. An emotional Gill said he is thankful beyond measure to the people who helped build the house. "How do I say thank you to them? Do I serve them a dinner or buy them a card? What?" He asked, not knowing if there is a way to show his appreciation. "This is our home, and we'll live here for the rest of our lives," Gill added. Receiving is something new to the Gills. So is a front porch.
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