Customer Care Department

Goodall Homes' Customer Care Department is managed in-house, allowing us the opportunity to deliver you the best quality service on your home both during construction and afterwards. Following are the steps we take to ensure you are excited about the quality and service you receive on your home, not only throughout the buying process, but afterward as well:

Internal Quality Control Inspection

Approximately two weeks prior to closing, the Customer Care Department conducts an Internal Quality Control inspection on your home. This allows for any "last minute" items to be resolved well before you close on your new home.

Welcome Home Celebration

Approximately one week prior to closing, Goodall Homes invites you to a "Welcome Home Celebration", which takes place in your new home. During this time, a representative from our Customer Care Department will demonstrate your new home, describing a multitude of features that you will enjoy while residing in your Goodall home. During this meeting, they will also review the details of your Warranty, and answer any other questions you may have. This is a very exciting time, as we are about to cross the finish line, and you are very close to becoming a new home owner!

After Move-In

The Customer Care Department does not stop there. Once you move into your home, they are readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

One-Year Inspection

As you are nearing the one-year mark of owning your Goodall Home, the Customer Care Department offers a One-Year Inspection, where they will gladly address any warranty-covered items. By this time you have settled in and have enjoyed living in your new Goodall Home for an entire year! Our goal is that you will be as happy now (or even happier) than the day you moved in!


1st Year
The first year warranty coverage period includes a limited warranty on most defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty is for the original homeowner ONLY and cannot be transferred to a second homeowner.

2nd Year
The second year warranty coverage period includes a limited warranty on all defects in workmanship only on plumbing, electric, and heat/air. This warranty is for the original homeowner ONLY and cannot be transferred to a second homeowner.

Up to 10 Years
After the second year, Goodall Homes no longer offers any warranty coverage, but RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY COMPANY offers in years 3-10 a limited warranty on major structural components of your home. This warranty is transferable to second homeowners.

Guild Quality

Goodall Homes ranks Customer Satisfaction and Feedback as our most important gauge as to how we are doing in meeting our customer's needs. Being locally owned and managed, we know that having happy homeowners is our best form of advertising. Because of this, we seek feedback from our customers at three different stages:

1. Shortly after Contract (approximately 30 days after contract).
2. Shortly after Closing (approximately 30 days after closing).
3. Long after Closing (one year after closing).

This allows us to examine our performance before, during, and after the construction of our customer's new home. It gives customers a chance to give ratings and feedback regarding the sales process, the construction process, and the customer care and warranty process. Customers can also give feedback on their experience with specific employees as well. This feedback is reviewed and analyzed by our entire team, allowing each and every employee to know how well they are serving their customers.

Goodall uses a third party surveyor, Guild Quality, to obtain this feedback from our customers. The feedback given is then translated into a Net Promoter score for our company, our individual communities, and individual employees. This is the best way we have found to quantify our performance. This information is then used to allow us to learn, grow, and excel as a company.

In 2010, Goodall Homes received the prestigious designation of Guild Master, which recognizes exemplary service in the real estate and construction profession.

For more information on Guild Quality, please click here.

  • "This was my first experience of buying a home so I didn't know what to expect. There were a lot of great surprises and I think they should keep up the good work and keep exceeding the customer's expectations."
    Jason and Holly, Cambridge Farms (Gallatin, TN)
  • "Overall it has been a very good experience! Everyone I have come in contact with has been nice and courteous. They have great employees!"
    Cynthia, Colonial Village (Lebanon, TN)
  • "I have been recommending Goodall to friends, family, and acquaintances. The main reasons being the employees that I have worked the most with Adrienne, Derrick, Gaye , Charles and many others. They make you feel like they're glad to be working with you--that you matter to them and are never a bother."
    Elaine, Ladd Park (Franklin, TN)
  • "The friendliness and how quickly they built the home and the quality of the home. Also how they have stayed on top of communication and letting you know where they were at on the home. I like when they send someone out if they say they would be there at 9 o'clock they were there at 9 o'clock. They were there exactly when they said they would be."
    Mark and Roberta, Magnolia Village (White House, TN)
  • "We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have stumbled across Goodall Homes in our search for a new home. Everyone we met went out of their way to accommodate the particulars of our situation. Thanks to all for an incredible home buying experience."
    John and Donna, StoneBridge (Lebanon, TN)
  • "Every time I've called, Melissa has been super nice to me and has responded very well. She deserves a pat on the back. She has bent over backwards and has always sent somebody out on warranty issues. She has always responded very quickly. She has always spearheaded that and has done an excellent job."
    Mark and Roberta, Magnolia Village (White House, TN)
  • "Carol has been really good to me, as well as Melissa from the warranty department. Paul also does a great job when he comes to work on the house."
    Cynthia, Colonial Village (Lebanon, TN)
  • "My experience in the Design Center with Gay was excellent. I was made to feel very comfortable and I was the only one they were concerned about. She was never too busy for me."
    Roseanne, Lenox Place (Gallatin, TN)
  • "We're very happy with Goodall and very excited about the house."
    Michael and Tracy, Elk Acres (Gallatin, TN)
  • "We were satisfied with the whole process and the service was very good. We are very happy."
    James and Diana, Ladd Park (Franklin)
  • "I have had a good experience working with the staff of Goodall Homes. I really think that they are wonderful people and I hope that I have made some lifelong friends."
    Elaine, Ladd Park (Franklin, TN)
  • "Everything is so perfect. I wouldn't change anything."
    Scott and Dora, StoneBridge (Lebanon, TN)
  • "I was most satisfied with my sales experience with Carol Thayer and with the time in which it took to complete the home."
    Matt, Colonial Village (Lebanon, TN)
  • "They are easy to get in touch with and quick to respond to your needs. Our house was very well built."
    Jeremy and Aspen, Cambridge Farms (Gallatin, TN)
  • "The follow up was extremely good."
    James and Diana, Ladd Park (Franklin, TN)
  • "I have already recommended to four family members, who all have now bought Goodall Homes."
    Troy, Magnolia Village (White House, TN)
  • "The warranty service and technicians were prompt and professional."
    Brian, Colonial Village (Lebanon, TN)