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Administrative Assistant/Permit Courier (Nashville North Division, Gallatin, TN)


Under the immediate supervision of the Office Manager, the Administrative Assistant/ Permit Administrator is responsible for answering the phone and greeting all visitors to Goodall Homes along with other Specific Duties and Responsibilities listed below:


  • General Admin. Asst. duties:

    • Greet visitors, answer phones (route to correct person) and take messages as needed

    • Accept, sign for and prepare packages for pick-up as needed

    • Distribute mail daily – open and date stamp where appropriate

    • Order & stock supplies - Office & Models – keep Inventory of supplies

    • Update Phone Listing

    • Update Conference Room boards with daily meetings & keep Outlook calendar updated with meetings

    • Run errands as needed

    • Coordination of Petty Cash for small supplies, snacks etc. (Reconciliation on Fridays)

    • Meals for meetings and snacks for kitchen using Healthy Workplace menu

    • Ensure area around Bizhub is maintained-Faxes distributed, printing distributed, and all areas and conference rooms are neat (daily)

    • Responsible for requesting checks to maintain balance on simple accounts, etc.)

    • Make energy cards (order paper, print, cut out, and place in Bizhub)

    • Assist Office Manager & Team members with special projects as needed

    • Complete Org Sheet and Starts Schedule daily and post to Evernote

Permit Administrator

General Overview of position is that under the immediate supervision of the Office Manager, the Permit Administrator is responsible for:

  1. Running delivery errands for many different departments of Goodall Homes.

    1. Accounting Department: Property taxes paid to municipalities based on divisional needs:

    2. Information Technology Department: Delivery of printers, laptops, modems, and other IT tools as needed to model homes and Design Center

    3. Development Department: Deliver checks and documents to municipalities for approval

  2. Execution of applications, ensuring that the correct paperwork is submitted and delivered on a timely basis for issuance of impact fees, building permits and Utility receipts.

    1. Follow the proper process for requesting checks and delivering checks provided from the Accounting dept. to municipalities for payment of building permits and utility fees.

  3. Coordination of Logistics for maintenance of company vehicle

    1. To include, but not limited to:

      a. Oil change

      b. Tire rotation

      c. General maintenance and repairs

      d. Professional detailed cleaning

  4. Administration/Support:

    1. Other various NNT administrative duties to be determined

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HOA Coordinator (Support Division, Gallatin, TN)


Under the immediate supervision of the Director of Ops/HOA, the HOA Coordinator is responsible for Developer liaison to HOAs.


  • HOA Coordinator

    • Point of contact for various Community Association Managers of Home Owners’ Association.

    • Resolve problems as needed, involving management as needed.

    • Keep track of Monthly and Annual Board meetings, review financial reports, and Developer Control Periods.  .

    • File HOA documents monthly and as needed.

    • Point of Contact for ARC approval requests.  

    • Point of contact for StoneBridge Clubhouse Manager.

    • Walk StoneBridge Clubhouse monthly with Clubhouse Manager.

    • Assist with Initial Set-up of new HOAs – Prepare budget, Register with State, Obtain Tax ID #, Initial Insurance negotiations, Contract with Property Management Company & ensure they have all documents, set up general Guidelines and fence guidelines based on CCRs, maintain all Landscaping contracts, etc.

    • Attend HOA Advisory BOD meetings & Annual Meetings

    • Coordinate between Development & HOAs.

    • Negotiate Landscaping Contracts & coordinating with Property Managers to ensure contracts are fulfilled.

    • Coordinate with Insurance companies for HOAs.

    • Walk properties at least once a month & follow up with appropriate personnel as needed.

    • Maintain (internal) financial reports (HOA info sheet, prepaids, etc)

    • Work Closely with Customer Care on Homeowner Issues that arise.

  • Required Meetings:

    • Attends the Bi-weekly Great Game of Business Meeting.

    • Meet weekly with Administrative Team.

    • Attend HOA Meetings

    • Attend Open New Community Meetings and Going Green Meetings as needed.

  • Misc:

    • Assist Director of Ops & other Admin Team members as needed.


  1. Detail Orientated

  2. Able to organize and manage special projects.

  3. Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook Experience.

  4. People skills to articulately and professionally handle interaction with homeowners, homebuyers, realtors, lenders and others.

  5. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing.

  6. Must hold a valid driver’s license in the state of Tennessee.


HOA Coordinator Compensation includes base salary plus bonus potential based on Great Game of Business bonus program


REPORTS TO:  Officer Manager

WORKS WITH:  Production staff, Customer Care staff, Sales staff, office support staff, HOA’s, Community Managers, homeowners, and company Management.

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Sales & Settlement Coordinator (Support Division, Gallatin, TN)


Under the immediate supervision of the Office Manager, the Sales & Settlement Coordinator is responsible for all Contract paperwork from origination through Closing.  


  • Contracts:

    • Review sales contracts for completeness prior to approval

    • Add new contract documents to the server

    • Create Community Lot Folders on the server

    • Approve contracts in Sales Simplicity

    • Update information in Filemaker

    • Update Ops Meeting Report

    • Email Lender Form to WBT and SSM

    • Email Interactive form to Symspire and/or Design Center

    • Email NHC Green Status of complete/correct contract

    • Make copies of Earnest money and Option deposits and distribute to Accounting

    • Request RWC applications via email

    • Create magnets with corresponding Community Lots for closing board

    • Create a manila folder for corresponding Community Lot

    • Email executed contract to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender, and Title

    • Email Cooperative Agreement to NHC, Realtor, Lender, and Title

    • Email Starts Coordinators once a SMKT home has an executed contract and is uploaded to the server

    • Review Commitment Memos and scan to the server

    • Review Stipulation that are added to the contract

    • Email executed Stipulations to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender, and Title

    • Review DCA’s that are added to the contract

    • Email executed DCA’s to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender and Title

    • Review and process Cancel Checklist and Cancellation Agreements

    • Email executed Cancellation Agreements to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender and Title

    • Review and process Community Lot Transfers

    • Review and update information on the SSC Contract Checklist continuously

    • Update SSC Scorecard and place on Evernote daily

    • Update Guest Report weekly and send out to all users

  • Closings:

    • Schedule Welcome Home Celebration, Day of Close Review, and Closing date/time/place with Buyer via phone

    • If the home is a SMKT, coordinate with the Lender and Customer Care on scheduling a WHC and Closing date

    • Email Buyer, NHC, PM, Realtor, Lender, Title, and Closing Group the scheduled WHC, Day of Close Review, and Closing appointments

    • Coordinate with Buyer’s Lenders to complete all pertinent documents: Contracts, Change Orders, Builders’ Certification, etc.

    • Update the Settlement Schedule

    • Update information in Filemaker

    • Update Corporate Resolutions, as needed

    • Update magnet with FF, WHC, and Closing information

    • Coordinate with Project Managers as needed for Certificates of Occupancy, completion times, etc.

    • Coordinate with Waynes Environmental for termite letters

    • Coordinate with DP for needed signatures on loan documents

    • Keep Closing Board up-to-date with current and following month’s Closings that are scheduled

    • Scan documents to server: HTC contracts, RWC applications, Fill Letters, Builder’s Certificates, Warranty of Completion, VA/FHA documents, Soil Treatments, Certificate of Occupancy, etc.

    • Review and approve CD/Alta’s sent from Title Company

    • Review RWC applications that are returned due to missing data and coordinate with Title companies to correct and return to RWC

  • Meetings:

    • Ops Meeting – Weekly

    • Admin Meeting – Weekly

    • GGB every other Wednesday


  1. Detail Orientated

  2. Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook Experience

  3. Able to work with the public in a cooperative, professional and friendly manner

  4. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing


Sales Coordinator compensation includes base salary plus bonus potential based on Great Game of Business bonus program.


REPORTS TO: Office Manager

WORKS WITH:  All employees, management, and public


Normal working hours are: 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

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Production Manager (Huntsville Division, Huntsville, AL)


Responsible for leading and managing the production team in the effort to deliver on-time, on budget, high quality homes in a safe and clean environment. This position is a key part of the divisional management team that continually drives to be the builder of first choice for our team, trades and customers


  • Staffing and training Production team
  • Customer experience as evidenced by move-in Scores related to Production team
  • Key Metrics related to cycle time, variance, quality and scheduling
  • All required internal meetings
  • Professional development plans with team members
  • Customer escalations during production
  • Quality improvement participation
  • Cost reduction effort participation
  • Quarterly Safety Audit and reporting
  • Field audit of accuracy to processes and checklists
  • Trade contractor issues follow-up
  • Projects assigned by Division President


  • Technical ability to manage construction resources including diagnosing and resolving field issues.
  • People skills to articulately and professionally handle conflicts with customers, employees, city inspectors, trades and vendors.
  • Ability to train contractors and team on construction techniques and field problem resolution.
  • Computer skills to help implement complex systems for scheduling and purchasing.
  • Willingness to work hard and long hours in adverse conditions, including inclement weather.
  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent experience in the homebuilding industry.


REPORTS TO: Division President

WORKS WITH:  Purchasing/Estimating, Design, Scheduling, Warranty, Sales & Marketing, office support staff, customers, and company Management.

SUPERVISES:    Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers.

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Assistant Project Manager (Knoxville Division, Knoxville, TN)


Under the immediate supervision of the Project Manager and the general direction of the Production Manager, help manage the construction processes for up to 40 - 50 single family and multi-family homes annually.   The Assistant Project Manager communicates and projects the proper attitude to all customers, trade contractors, suppliers and employees through all forms of communication (writing, verbal, appearance).


Performance, Quality and Conditions:

  • Maintain Goodall Homes standards of performance related to timeliness and quality of construction, job site conditions, and customer satisfaction and job cost variances.

  • Performs daily QC inspections and documents defects and omissions on every jobsite under his/her control. Transmits results schedule results via email.

  • Coordinates completion of QC items in preparing house for final delivery and buyer closing.

Cost Control, Budgeting, and Purchasing:

  • Processes Purchase Order (PO) approvals upon successful completion of each phase of construction.

  • Prepares and approves Variance POs to ensure that non-budgeted, but needed, items and labor are available to complete the house on time and with acceptable levels of customer satisfaction and product quality.

Scheduling and Ordering:

  • Responsible for maintaining construction schedule from start memo to project delivery according to set number of days established by the company.

  • Responsible for using the Company’s formal scheduling system and maintaining all job schedules to their current status with proper activity sequencing.  

  • Responsible for scheduling trade contractors and materials suppliers to ensure no “dry runs”, just-in-time deliveries.

Jobsite Maintenance:

  • Is responsible for maintaining marketing and job number signs on each job during construction.

  • Responsible for securing homes under construction (closing windows/locking properties as required) and locking site trailers and storage areas at the end of each work day.

  • Responsible for care and maintenance of any assigned company equipment (tools, vehicles, computers) and/or maintaining personal vehicle and equipment to company standards if reimbursed for use of same.


  • Is responsible for ensuring safe work practices are evident on all jobs.  Must insist upon compliance with Goodall Homes safety and health policies as stated in the Safety and Health Model Plan.

  • Must understand and comply with all OSHA job site requirements.

Customer/Buyer Relations:

  • Facilitate and negotiate company position with “hard to resolve” customer requests.

Trade Contractor Relations:

  • Where necessary, has the coordinated authority with the Purchasing Manager to take disciplinary action in reference to trade contractor’s failure to perform.

  • Responsible for enforcing company cleaning, smoking, music, and general conduct policy on daily basis

  • Trains, and supervises the day-to-day construction labor on assigned job sites.  Labor is 100% done via subcontract.

  • Also responsible for ongoing recruiting of new trade base.

Required Meetings and Project Review Sessions:

  • Completes pre-construction review of CAD prints, estimate detail, and schedule for each assigned house.

  • Attends and participates in weekly production team meetings.  Most important agenda items are resource scheduling/work backlog, field problem reporting, and completion times.


  • Must attend and participate in regular classroom, jobsite, and/or webinar training sessions.

  • Knowledge gained will be tested on a regular basis. Project Manager must maintain acceptable level of competence in all areas relating to this role, as well as general computer competency, and knowledge of company operations, mission, and core values.

  • Technical construction ability to manage construction resources and to diagnose and resolve field problems.

  • People skills to articulately and professionally handle conflict with customers, inspectors and sub-contractors

  • Ability to train trade contractors on construction techniques and field problem resolution.

  • Organizational aptitude to manage the scheduling of all construction resources.

  • Willingness to work hard and long hours in adverse conditions, including inclement weather.  May be required to work weekends.

  • Must possess and demonstrate physical capabilities to lift 100 lbs. to waist height, and 50 lbs. above head safely. Must be able to negotiate stairs and ladders unassisted.

  • Must be able to use transit/ builder’s level / laser devices to accurately set elevations (grade), and measure and square layouts and assemblies.


REPORTS TO: Production Manager

SUPERVISES: Trade contractors, assistants, delivery people, and temporary construction labor where applicable.

WORKS WITH: Design, Estimator/Purchasing, Warranty, Sales & Marketing, and office support staff.  Works with homeowners weekly.

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Customer Care Field Representative (Knoxville Division, Knoxville, TN)

  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Welcome Home Celebrations
  • Year-End appointments
  • Trade oversight at year-end appointments
  • Market home reviews
  • Repairs to homes as needed not requiring power tools
  • Sundry organization in office
  • Tasks as assigned by Customer Care Manager
  • All meetings as required
  • Experience in drywall/paint repairs
  • Good construction knowledge
  • High attention to detail
  • Ability to analyze problems and take corrective action
  • Organizational aptitude to manage the job load and necessary paperwork
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to safely climb ladders, inspect attics and crawlspaces

REPORTS TO:    Customer Care Manager

SUPERVISES:    Does not apply

WORKS WITH: Customer Care Department, Project Managers, Trades

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Design Center Coordinator (Support Division, Nashville, TN)


Under the immediate supervision of the Design Center Manager, the DC Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the Design Center, answering the phone and greeting all visitors to Goodall Homes Design Center along with other Specific Duties and Responsibilities listed below:


  • Check schedule to confirm all customers from start schedule have an appt – If market home is on start schedule add to calendar

  • Prep appointments for upcoming week by end of Friday for next DC week

  • Grey out dates on Org Sheet

  • Email customer WTE emails

  • Complete Market Home Commitment Memos

  • Mark completed tasks on Success Tracker & Org Sheet (grey out)

  • Emails with outstanding issues and research solutions

  • Finalize appts within 24 hours of the DC appt

  • Preview appointments

  • Prepare Change Orders

  • Overall maintain DC – load drinks and snacks, answer door, answer phone, manage vms


  1. Detail Orientated

  2. Microsoft Office Experience – specifically Outlook, Excel and Word

  3. Able to work with the public in a cooperative, professional and friendly manner

  4. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing

Hours & Compensation:

Typically, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.  Hourly pay commensurate with experience.


REPORTS TO: Design Center Manager

WORKS WITH:  All employees, management and public


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New Home Specialist (Support Division, Nashville, TN)

Job Description: 

The general function of a NHS is to hold virtual appointments, edit and maintain CRM processes, and maintain the company’s website.

Job Functions

The individual assigned to this position must, with our without reasonable accommodation, be able to perform the following essential functions:

  • Be available to give relevant and helpful virtual tours to customers through model homes for multiple communities.

  • Work with NHS team, marketing director, and NHC’s to maintain correct and well-presented information on the company website.

  • Work with the NHS team, Marketing director, and NHC’s to create, design, and implement the distribution of relevant customer follow-up processes, follow-up templates, and eblasts.

  • Assist in managing the online phone and incoming online leads.

  • NHSA will need to be available to work occasional weekends (approx. 2/mth), in which they will have other days off during the week.

Job Qualifications

  • Two years of Sales and/or Marketing Experience preferred

  • Active Tennessee Real Estate License preferred

  • Focused and personable

  • Proven video, email, and phone communication skills

  • Solid organizational, planning, and managing skills

  • Maintain focus while working in an unstructured environment with nominal supervision

  • Ability to multi-task and manage time well

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and One Note

  • Must have or will need to obtain Tennessee Real Estate License

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Purchasing Agent (Nashville South Division, Nashville, TN)


In collaboration with the Division Purchasing Team, the Purchasing Agent is responsible for all purchasing functions for their assigned cost types and strategic development of best in class processes that drive customer service excellence. The Purchasing Agent works in close collaboration with all departments to ensure successful bids for goods and services are conducted in accordance with organizational policies and procedures. Responsible for accurately establishing and monitoring costs associated with product in development and construction phases. Work with the product development group to research and develop marketable designs and value engineering opportunities.


  • Assist the purchasing team at the divisional level including hiring, training, and developing to ensure a quality team that functions well together.

  • Ensure that records of goods ordered and received are accurately maintained.

  • Locate and interview vendors of materials, equipment, and supplies in order to determine product availability.

  • Control and monitor the purchasing departments’ budget.

  • Identify and implement improved and/or more cost-effective methods and materials.

  • Analyze market to assess present and future material availability.

  • Implement purchasing and contract management policies and procedures.

  • Participate in the development of specifications for homes.

  • Manage vendor relationships including negotiating contracts, formulating policies and procedures, resolving grievances, and ensuring a competent subcontract force in the division.

  • Review, evaluate and approve specifications for issuing and awarding bids.

  • Ensure that all reports are completed accurately and in a timely fashion including those relating to market conditions, home cost, option cost.

  • Administer the purchasing and options systems and ensure their utilization and accuracy.

  • Maintain and implement systems to streamline operations.

  • Ensure that various records are maintained pursuant to Company policies including construction contracts, drawings, home/subdivisions specifications.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Information Systems, Business Management, Purchasing/Supply Chain Management, or Building Construction is preferred.

  • NAPM (APP CPM) or APICS (CPIM, CIRM) certification preferred.

  • Knowledgeable about the construction industry including construction cost, materials, products, methods, and procedures.

  • Knowledge and familiarity with construction drawings and addendums.

  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize several tasks without compromising quality of work or mission deadlines.

  • Proven organization skills in a high paced work environment.

  • Must be able to use Microsoft Office Suite software for advanced internal and external communications, creation of reports and presentations and database maintenance.

  • Ability to review, analyze and interpret information as well as trouble-shoot to solve problems.

  • Ability to adapt in a changing workplace.

  • Skilled at complex negotiations using high levels of integrity and sound judgment.

  • 3-5 years progressive experience in purchasing with a minimum of 3 years in the home building industry preferred.

  • Experience working with applications such as JD Edwards, Newstar Enterprise, Sapphire, Build Pro/Supply Pro, or similar applications.


Purchasing Agent Compensation includes base salary plus bonus potential based on Great Game of Business bonus program

  • Accountability Metrics:  

  • Direct Cost Management

  • General Procurement

  • Variance Reporting

  • Option Margin

  • Team Member Hiring, Training, and Development

  • Standard Operating Procedure Creation and Implementation


REPORTS TO: Division Purchasing Manager

WORKS WITH:  Production, Warranty, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, and Support Team


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