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Customer Care

titleThe Goodall Homes Customer Care Department is managed in-house, allowing us the opportunity to deliver you the best quality service on your home both during construction and afterward.

Following are the steps we take to ensure you are excited about the quality and service you receive on your home, not only throughout the buying process but afterward as well:

1. Internal Quality Control Inspection

  • Approximately two weeks prior to closing on your home, the Goodall Homes Customer Care Department conducts an Internal Quality Control Inspection on your home.  This allows for any last minute items to be resolved well before you close on your new home.

2. Welcome Home Celebration

  • Immediately prior to closing, Goodall Homes invites you to a Welcome Home Celebration, which takes place in your new home.  During this time a representative from our Customer Care Department will demonstrate your new home to you, describing a multitude of features that you will enjoy while residing in your Goodall home.  During this meeting, they will also review the details of your Warranty, and answer any other questions you may have. 

3. After Move-In

  • Once you move into your home, The Customer Care Department is readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

4. Year-End Visit to Address Concerns

  • As you near the one-year mark of owning your Goodall home, the Customer Care Department offers a visit at year-end, where we will gladly address any warranty-covered items.  By this time, you have settled in and have enjoyed living in your new Goodall Home for an entire year.  Our goal is that you will be even happier then the day you moved in.


For more details on specific Customer Care items, please visit My Warranty, or contact our Customer Care Department at 615.451.0224 or