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Current Available Positions

Goodall Homes is growing and expanding in locations all around Middle-Tennessee, and therefore the size of our team is growing as well. Please take a look at the career listing(s) below, and submit your resume if you think you might be interested in joining the Goodall Homes Team.

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To perform Inspections and assignments/repairs that do not require power tools for the Customer Care department at Goodall Homes



  • Review work specified on Customer concern sheet, contact homeowner and help schedule work to be performed.
  • Perform and oversee repairs (not requiring power tools) required to satisfy both homeowner and Goodall Homes
  • Ensure that all necessary documentation has been collected from the Customer Care dept. prior to start of work.
  • Completes written correspondence as necessary with customers in a timely manner as directed by the Customer Care Dept. Such correspondence may be necessitated by lack of response from customers, clarification of Customer Care policies, or verification of service request completion when other forms of communication have been unsuccessful.
  • Provides documentation to customer files as needed to provide full accounts of service work or challenging situations.
  • Performs follow-up calls on concern sheet signoffs as needed.
  • Follows up on Trade Partner progress as directed by the Customer Care Dept.
  • Performs other duties that may need to be assigned by the Customer Care Dept.
  • Schedule appointments with Trade Partners when they are required.
  • Get customer to sign off on all completed warranty work.
  • Will be required to help with QC’s and WHC’s when needed.



High School Graduate Minimum



  • Good construction knowledge.
  • Ability to analyze problems and take corrective actions.
  • Organizational aptitude to manage the job load and necessary paperwork.
  • Excellent people skills.



        REPORTS TO:  Customer Care Manager

        WORKS WITH:  Customer Care Department, Project Managers, Trade Contractors and Homeowners



         Basic tools (no power tools are to be used)



NOTE* Basic knowledge of all aspects of the home building industry

  1.   Electrical – must have basic wiring knowledge.
  1.   HVAC – Basic Knowledge of HVAC systems
  1.   Paint & Drywall – Must excel in drywall repair. Stress cracks, metal corner bead, and joint tapes are repaired by the Customer Care dept. All drywall repairs are painted by Customer Care field reps. Caulking of both interior and exterior items may be necessary.
  1.    Basic knowledge in roof repair including shingle replacement, ridge caps vents, roof boots, including water heater  & HVAC vent pipe and exhaust vents for bathroom and dryer vents.
  1.   Working skills including exterior deck repair and minor masonry repairs including concrete repairs.
  1.   Interior trim work – Must know how to install base and shoe molding, chair rail, door jambs, and window and door casing.
  1.   Must be able to detect and locate any water intrusions
  1.   Must have basic knowledge of mold remediation. Must know how to handle water remediation according to Customer Care guidelines and procedure. 
  2. Landscaping – Must know how a yard should look prior to a homeowner taking possession of their home including: good final grades, trees and shrubs, corrugated downspout extensions, swales, proper drainage, positive drains, and boundary locations.
  3. Plumbing – Must understand basic plumbing principles and have knowledge of basic repairs.
  4. Siding – Must have basic knowledge of  siding applications.
  5. Crawl Space – Must have general knowledge of the proper components included in a standard Goodall crawl space.
  6. Must have working knowledge of all Customer Care guidelines including the Residential Warranty Corporation and Home Sweet Home warranty protocol.
  7. Excellent eye for detail and noticing defects in both materials and workmanship is essential for performing quality and thorough QC inspections.


Special Note: Good people skills are required. Must be able to relate to homeowners on a personal level. Must be able to make them feel comfortable while performing work on their home. Must explain warranty guidelines to homeowners when specific questions are asked. If you don’t know the answer to a question, tell the homeowner that you will find the correct answer to their question within the Goodall organization and get back to them with it.

Work hard to establish a good working relationship with all Goodall co-workers, including Trade Contractors. Working as a unified team will help to accomplish our goals as a reputable and caring homebuilder.



Provide overall administrative and technical leadership for commercial projects to achieve timely completion and on-budget targets for each project.  Overall responsibilities include project scoping, estimating, scheduling, safety oversight, budget and progress monitoring, management and project reporting. 


Projects include self-storage, office, retail and warehouse with office suite facilities.




  • Multiple project budget management by monitoring costs, including labor time, material and change orders
  • Direct day-to-day supervision of project staff on multiple projects
  • Inspection of contractor or sub-contractor work to ensure compliance with contract
  • Develop and maintain site logistics plan
  • Manage schedules, including preparation of detailed short-term schedules and ensuring all activities take place on or ahead of scheduled dates
  • Organize, attend, participate, and lead project meetings including engineering and subcontractor meetings involving pre-construction, scope of work, scheduling and safety
  • Conduct quality and safety inspections
  • Lead weekly Status Meetings and organize structure and frequency of meeting
  • Organize all documentation via company server files and Evernote




  • Bachelor Degree in Construction Management or related degree - Preferred
  • Licensed General Contractor for the State of Tennessee - Preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years of commercial project management experience
  • Broad understanding of construction processes and entire construction project life cycle
  • Proven track record of successfully delivering wood frame and metal frame construction projects
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to use industry standard technologies and strong computer skills


REPORTS TO:     Partners for each project


SUPERVISES:      Trade contractors, assistants, delivery people, and temporary construction labor where applicable.


HOURS:               7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or as required to complete the jobs.





Under the immediate supervision of the Estimating Manager, the Estimator is responsible for key operations on the estimating team, embedded between the design and purchasing teams, functioning as the organization bridge between visual plans to orderable items.  The Estimator’s goal is assuring all estimates and option takeoffs are in order before a home is costed.



  • Specifications:


  • Maintain and update specifications for each existing community


  • Create specifications for new communities


  • File updated specifications electronically on Evernote


  • Variance and purchasing assistance:


  • Check that home assemblies for upcoming starts are accurate


  • Assist starts coordinators and purchasing managers with estimating or variance related issues


  • Correct VEE estimating assigned errors listed on divisional variance reports and follow variance trends


  • Estimating:


  • Create assemblies in base house format for new product by performing takeoffs based on plan sets


  • Create assemblies for new product by copying selected options based on the interior collection combined with community specification data


  • Update estimates per design memos, purchasing memos, specification changes, divisional variance reports, and 60 day closing reports.


  • Log all changes to the database(s) on the estimating changes log


  • Update multiple divisional databases


  • Prepare bid documents for purchasing managers


  • Send plans to trade partner in request for flooring bids


  • Utilize On screen takeoff software for calculating homes as well as documenting an informational, visual, and referenced takeoff database


  • Utilize Timberline ES software to input data


  • Open Lots:

    • Coordinate lot setup with accounting
    • Open new communities in WMS per project board
    • Open lots in Sales Simplicity per direction of operations team


  • Projects:


  • Complete projects based on the PED project board timeline
  • Coordinate information with design and purchasing teams for optimal alignment for project success
  • Track project progress in onenote
  • Miscellaneous:


  • Other assignments as required
  • Meetings:


  • Attend biweekly GGB Meetings


  • Attend ONC (open new community) meetings as required


  • Attend weekly P.E.D. meetings


  • Attend divisional variance meetings as required



REPORTS TO:      Estimating Manager


WORKS WITH:      VP PED, Director of PED, purchasing team, design team, operations team





Normal working hours are 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday or as required to complete the job.

Job Description 



Under the immediate supervision of the Project Manager and the general direction of the Production Manager, help manage the construction processes for up to 40 - 50 single family and multi-family homes annually.   The Assistant Project Manager communicates and projects the proper attitude to all customers, trade contractors, suppliers and employees through all forms of communication (writing, verbal, appearance).



  • Performance, Quality and Conditions:

    • Maintain Goodall Homes and Community standards of performance related to timeliness and quality of construction, job site conditions, and customer satisfaction and job cost variances.
    • Performs daily QC inspections and documents defects and omissions on every jobsite under his/her control. Transmits results schedule results via email.
    • Coordinates completion of QC items in preparing house for final delivery and buyer closing.


  • Cost Control, Budgeting, and Purchasing:
    • Processes Purchase Order (PO) approvals upon successful completion of each phase of construction. 
    • Prepares and approves Variance POs to ensure that non-budgeted, but needed, items and labor are available to complete the house on time and with acceptable levels of customer satisfaction and product quality.
  • Scheduling and Ordering:
    • Responsible for maintaining construction schedule from start memo to project delivery according to set number of days established by the company.
    • Responsible for using the Company’s formal scheduling system and maintaining all job schedules to their current status with proper activity sequencing. 
    • Responsible for scheduling trade contractors and materials suppliers to ensure no “dead runs”, just-in-time deliveries.



  • Jobsite Maintenance:
    • Is responsible for maintaining marketing and job number signs on each job during construction. 
    • Responsible for securing homes under construction (closing windows/locking properties as required) and locking site trailers and storage areas at the end of each work day.
    • Responsible for care and maintenance of any assigned company equipment (tools, vehicles, computers) and/or maintaining personal vehicle and equipment to company standards if reimbursed for use of same.


  • Safety:
    • Is responsible for ensuring safe work practices are evident on all jobs.  Must insist upon compliance with Goodall Homes and Communities safety and health policies as stated in the Safety and Health Model Plan.
    • Must understand and comply with all OSHA job site requirements.


  • Customer/Buyer Relations:
    • Facilitate and negotiate company position with “hard to resolve” customer requests.


  • Trade Contractor Relations:
    • Where necessary, has the coordinated authority with the Purchasing Manager to take disciplinary action in reference to trade contractor’s failure to perform.
    • Responsible for enforcing company cleaning, smoking, music, and general conduct policy on daily basis
    • Trains, and supervises the day-to-day construction labor on assigned job sites.  Labor is 100% done via subcontract. 
    • Also responsible for ongoing recruiting of new trade base.


  • Required Meetings and Project Review Sessions:

    • Completes pre-construction review of CAD prints, estimate detail, and schedule for each assigned house.
    • Attends and participates in weekly production team meetings.  Most important agenda items are resource scheduling/work backlog, field problem reporting, and completion times.


  • Training:


  • Must attend and participate in regular classroom, jobsite, and/or webinar training sessions.
  • Knowledge gained will be tested on a regular basis. Project Manager must maintain acceptable level of competence in all areas relating to this role, as well as general computer competency, and knowledge of company operations, mission, and core values.


  1. Technical construction ability to manage construction resources and to diagnose and resolve field problems.
  2. People skills to articulately and professionally handle conflict with customers, inspectors and sub-contractors
  3. Ability to train trade contractors on construction techniques and field problem resolution.
  4. Organizational aptitude to manage the scheduling of all construction resources.
  5. Willingness to work hard and long hours in adverse conditions, including inclement weather.  May be required to work weekends.
  6. Must possess and demonstrate physical capabilities to lift 100 lbs. to waist height, and 50 lbs. above head safely. Must be able to negotiate stairs and ladders unassisted.
  7. Must be able to use transit/ builder’s level / laser devices to accurately set elevations (grade), and measure and square layouts and assemblies.
  8. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing
  9. Must hold a valid driver’s license in the state of Tennessee.


Under the immediate supervision of the Office Manager, the HOA Coordinator is responsible for Developer liaison to HOAs.




  • HOA Coordinator
  • Point of contact for various Community Association Managers of Home Owners’ Association.
  • Resolve problems as needed, involving management as needed.
  • Keep track of Monthly and Annual Board meetings, review financial reports, and Developer Control Periods.
  • File HOA documents monthly and as needed.
  • Point of Contact for ARC approval requests. 
  • Point of contact for StoneBridge Clubhouse Manager.
  • Walk StoneBridge Clubhouse monthly with Clubhouse Manager.
  • Assist with Initial Set-up of new HOAs – Prepare budget, Register with State, Obtain Tax ID #, Initial Insurance negotiations, Contract with Property Management Company & ensure they have all documents, set up general Guidelines and fence guidelines based on CCRs, maintain all Landscaping contracts, etc.
  • Attend HOA Advisory BOD meetings & Annual Meetings 
  • Coordinate between Development & HOAs.
  • Negotiate Landscaping Contracts & coordinating with Property Managers to ensure contracts are fulfilled.
  • Coordinate with Insurance companies for HOAs.
  • Walk properties at least once a month & follow up with appropriate personnel as needed. 
  • Maintain (internal) financial reports (HOA info sheet, prepaids, etc)
  • Work Closely with Customer Care on Homeowner Issues that arise.


  • Required Meetings:

    • Attends the Bi-weekly Great Game of Business Meeting.
    • Meet weekly with Administrative Team.
    • Attend HOA Meetings
    • Attend Open New Community Meetings and Going Green Meetings as needed.


  • Misc:
    •  Assist Office Manager & other Admin Team members as needed.



  1. Detail Orientated
  2. Able to organize and manage special projects.
  3. Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook Experience.
  4. People skills to articulately and professionally handle interaction with homeowners, homebuyers, realtors, lenders and others.
  5. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing.
  6. Must hold a valid driver’s license in the state of Tennessee.


HOA Coordinator Compensation includes base salary plus bonus potential based on Great Game of Business bonus program


REPORTS TO:  Officer Manager

WORKS WITH:  Production staff, Customer Care staff, Sales staff, office support staff, HOA’s, Community Managers, homeowners, and company Management.



Performs the daily activities required to address customer concerns so that customer experience is maximized. This position is a key part of the customer care team that focuses on being the builder of first choice for our customers.


  • Customer follow up on service concerns
  • Work order entry and follow up through Punchlist Manager software
  • Schedule for field service representatives
  • Accurate trade payments and back charges
  • Follow up on overdue work orders with trades
  • Daily log of customer calls
  • Reporting as required
  • Create Welcome Home Celebration Folders
  • Assist in completing monthly expense
  • Attend all required meetings
  • Year-end contact and scheduling with customers
  • Order office supplies including Welcome Home Celebration collateral
  • Projects assigned by Customer Care Manager


  • People skills to articulately and professionally handle difficult situations.
  • Computer aptitude/experience to manage daily activities.
  • Organizational skills to effectively plan and manage daily priorities.




REPORTS TO: Customer Care Manager


WORKS WITH: Ability to work well across all departments is required. This person will often work with accounting, purchasing, development, production, sales and design.  


Under the immediate supervision of the Controller, the Accounts Payable Specialist is responsible for general accounting responsibilities and specific duties and responsibilities listed below:


Accounts Payable

  • Review, code and entry of invoices and monthly utility bills.

  • Process purchase orders submitted by trades, for payment.

  • Selection and import of purchase orders into accounting software.

  • Weekly filing of payment detail and backup.

  • Answers accounting and financial questions by researching and interpreting data and communicates financial information to department heads & product line managers.

  • Assist in researching and entering yearly property tax payments.


Customer Deposit

  • Process Escrow and Design Center deposits daily

  • Track and audit Customer Deposit Report monthly

  • Reconcile Customer Deposit Schedule for month end reporting


Post Close Transactions

  • Book final sales transactions utilizing Sage 300 Job Cost module

  • Track and reconcile Cash Clearing account for month end reporting

  • Develops and implements accounting procedures by analyzing current procedures and recommending changes.

  • Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential. 

  • This list of responsibilities may not be all-inclusive and can be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities as needed.



  1. Minimum 2 years of experience in a financial environment, or equivalent combination of education and experience.  

  2. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office especially Excel.

  3. Able to work with a minimum of supervision while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees and organizations.

  4. Strong work ethic and emphasis on attention to details.

  5. Analytical problem-solving ability.

  6. Ability to work well under pressure and within short deadlines.

  7. Ability to learn new software quickly.

  8. Must be authorized to work in the US for any employer.


Hours & Compensation:

Normal working hours are 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday – Friday or as required to complete the job.  Salary commensurate with experience.


REPORTS TO: Controller

WORKS WITH:  Accounting Department





Performs daily field activities required so that customer experience is maximized. This position is a key part of the customer care team that focuses on being the builder of first choice for our customers.



  • Quality Control Inspections

  • Welcome Home Celebrations

  • Year End appointments

  • Trade oversight at year end appointments

  • Market home reviews

  • Repairs to homes as needed not requiring power tools

  • Sundry organization in office

  • Tasks as assigned by Customer Care Manager

  • All meetings as required



  • Experience in drywall/paint repairs

  • Good construction knowledge

  • High attention to detail

  • Ability to analyze problems and take corrective action

  • Organizational aptitude to manage the job load and necessary paperwork

  • Excellent people skills

  • Ability to safely climb ladders, inspect attics and crawlspaces


       REPORTS TO:  Customer Care Manager

       WORKS WITH:  Customer Care Department, Project Managers, Trades



The Division President is tasked with providing strong leadership for the division by working with the Executive Support Team to establish short and long-term goals, plans, and strategies. They are responsible for presiding over the entire Division workforce and they will manage budgets and make sure resources are allocated properly. The Division President will make sure departments meet their individual goals and are responsible for overall accountability to the company objectives and the general public. They will promote and live out the company core values and will act as the public face of the Division. In addition, the person in the role of Division President must have an entrepreneurial mindset and adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace.  


Duty/Responsibility:  (Other duties may be assigned.)

Promote and cultivate the company culture as defined by the company purpose, core values, vision, and mission.


Manage and direct the Division toward its primary objectives, based on profit and core values.


Confer with Support Team to plan business objectives, to develop policies & processes, and to coordinate functions and operations.


Review reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions.


Dispense advice, guidance, direction, and authorization to carry out major plans, standards and procedures, consistent with established policies and core values.


Direct and coordinate the operations of the Division to maximize returns on investments and to increase productivity.


Review operating results of the Division, compare them to established objectives, and take steps to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory results.


Establish and maintain an effective system of communications throughout the Division.  

Evaluate performance of managers to maximize contributions in attaining objectives.


Ability to attract, develop and retain top talent.


Strong leadership skills with the ability to inspire people to action through their influence.


Develop and maintain succession plans.

% of Time:

Strategic Planning10

Execute Division Plans            40

Succession Planning10

Customer Relationships10

Employee Relationships25

New Product Development  5


Supervisory Responsibilities

Manages subordinate supervisors who supervise team members.  Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of these units. Carries out management responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.  Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and advising managers; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining management personnel; addressing complaints and resolving problems.



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Education and/or Experience

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; eight to ten years related management experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Language Skills

Ability to read, analyze, and interpret the most complex documents.  Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquiries or complaints.  Ability to make effective and persuasive speeches and presentations to company management and public groups.


Mathematical Skills

Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference.  Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations.  Read and interpret income statements, balance sheets, and spreadsheets.


Reasoning Ability

Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions

after separating relevant from irrelevant information and evaluating alternatives.  Ability to “think on one’s feet.”


Computer Skills

To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Spreadsheet software and Word Processing software.


Certificates, Driver’s License, Registrations

Driver’s License


Other Qualifications

Must be able to travel locally 35% of the time.  Regionally, 10% of the time.


Key Working Relationships and Communications

Indicate those positions or departments, within the company (but outside your immediate work area) or those individuals, agencies, vendors, etc., outside the company with which you have a regular working relationship.  Note the frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) of contact and indicate the nature or purpose of the contact.



ContactFrequencyNature/Purpose of Contact

Direct ReportsDailyLeadership Activities

Peers and Superiors   Weekly       Leadership Activities



ContactFrequencyNature/Purpose of Contact

CustomersRegularlyLeadership Activities

SuppliersMonthlyLeadership Activities


Job Description


Under the immediate supervision of the Office Manager, the Sales & Settlement Coordinator is responsible for all Contract paperwork from origination through Closing.  


  • Contracts:

    • Review sales contracts for completeness prior to approval

    • Add new contract documents to the server

    • Create Community Lot Folders on the server

    • Approve contracts in Sales Simplicity

    • Update information in Filemaker

    • Update Ops Meeting Report

    • Email Lender Form to WBT and SSM

    • Email Interactive form to Symspire and/or Design Center

    • Email NHC Green Status of complete/correct contract

    • Make copies of Earnest money and Option deposits and distribute to Accounting

    • Request RWC applications via email

    • Create magnets with corresponding Community Lots for closing board

    • Create a manila folder for corresponding Community Lot

    • Email executed contract to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender, and Title

    • Email Cooperative Agreement to NHC, Realtor, Lender, and Title

    • Email Starts Coordinators once a SMKT home has an executed contract and is uploaded to the server

    • Review Commitment Memos and scan to the server

    • Review Stipulation that are added to the contract

    • Email executed Stipulations to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender, and Title

    • Review DCA’s that are added to the contract

    • Email executed DCA’s to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender and Title

    • Review and process Cancel Checklist and Cancellation Agreements

    • Email executed Cancellation Agreements to Buyer, NHC, Realtor, Lender and Title

    • Review and process Community Lot Transfers

    • Review and update information on the SSC Contract Checklist continuously


  • Closings:

    • Schedule Final Finish, Welcome Home Celebration, and Closing date/time/place with Buyer via phone

    • If the home is a SMKT, coordinate with the Lender and Customer Care on scheduling a WHC and Closing date

    • Email Buyer, NHC, PM, Realtor, Lender, Title, and Closing Group the scheduled FF, WHC, and Closing appointments

    • Coordinate with Buyer’s Lenders to complete all pertinent documents: Contracts, Change Orders, Builders’ Certification, etc.

    • Update the Settlement Schedule
    • Update information in Filemaker

    • Order Corporate Resolutions

    • Update magnet with FF, WHC, and Closing information

    • Coordinate with Project Managers as needed for Certificates of Occupancy, completion times, etc.

    • Coordinate with Waynes Environmental for termite letters

    • Coordinate with VPO for needed signatures on loan documents

    • Keep Closing Board up-to-date with current and following month’s Closings that are scheduled

    • Scan documents to server: HTC contracts, RWC applications, Fill Letters, Builder’s Certificates, Warranty of Completion, VA/FHA documents, Soil Treatments, Certificate of Occupancy, etc.

    • Review and approve CD/Alta’s sent from Title Company

    • Review RWC applications that are returned due to missing data and coordinate with Title companies to correct and return to RWC


  • Meetings:

    • Ops Meeting – Weekly

    • Admin Meeting – Weekly

    • GGB every other Wednesday



  1. Detail Orientated

  2. Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook Experience

  3. Able to work with the public in a cooperative, professional and friendly manner

  4. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing


Sales Coordinator compensation includes base salary plus bonus potential based on Great Game of Business bonus program.



REPORTS TO: Office Manager

WORKS WITH:  All employees, management, and public


Normal working hours are: 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.



Working under the direction of the VP of Development and Development Manager, he/she
will assist in developing new communities, while working closely with Sales, Construction
and Finance teams at Goodall Homes. He/she will collaborate with officials from local
municipalities and utility companies, professional consultants and land development
contractors as well as communicating daily with homebuilding project managers. The main
emphasis is the field management of land development activities and the assurance that
schedules are maintained, that quality control is adhered to, and that projects are
completed within prescribed budgets.


  • Project Manager’s duties:
    • Coordinate the work flow and activities of project specific land development field operations (lot and amenity construction), including inspections.
    • Schedule and supervise survey crews and material testing personnel for rough grading, infrastructure installation, final lot grading.
    • Assist in the management of construction contracts.
    • Assist with project planning, scheduling, budgeting, quantity takeoffs and cost analysis.
    • Coordinate land development activities with power, gas, telephone, cable companies.
    • Assist in the preparation of bid packages and solicit bids for infrastructure and amenity features construction.
    • Review project drawings for omissions/errors; collect as built drawings.
    • Assist in ensuring that all project sites are in compliance with regulatory agencies, including TDEC, TDOT, OSHA, EPA.
    • Assist in the obtaining of project approvals and permits.
    • Assist in the timely reduction and/or termination of project infrastructure bonds and/or letters of credit.
    • Coordinate and execute the completion of project punch lists.
    • Manage SWPPP activities and compliance.
    • Assist in approving contractor invoices.
    • Making sure all “Going Green” checklist items are complete and lots are ready to be turned over to construction department.
    • And other duties or special assignments on an as-needed basis.


  • Reporting & Tracking:
    • Update the Letter of Credit calculation Matrix and provide a monthly written and oral report to the executive management team.
    • Update the Construction Schedules (weekly)
    • Implement, update and maintain the development estimating database


1. 4-year college degree with preference in engineering and/or construction
management or equivalent experience
2. Development and Engineering experience preferred
3. Microsoft Office Experience – specifically Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher
4. Estimating software and database management experience
5. Detail Orientated
6. Able to work with the public in a cooperative, professional and friendly manner
7. Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing

Hours & Compensation:

Typically 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.


REPORTS TO: VP of Development and Development Manager
WORKS WITH: All employees, management and public