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Goodall Homes is growing and expanding in locations all around Middle-Tennessee, and therefore the size of our team is growing as well. Please take a look at the career listing(s) below, and submit your resume if you think you might be interested in joining the Goodall Homes Team.

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To perform Inspections and assignments/repairs that do not require power tools for the Customer Care department at Goodall Homes



  • Review work specified on Customer concern sheet, contact homeowner and help schedule work to be performed.
  • Perform and oversee repairs (not requiring power tools) required to satisfy both homeowner and Goodall Homes
  • Ensure that all necessary documentation has been collected from the Customer Care dept. prior to start of work.
  • Completes written correspondence as necessary with customers in a timely manner as directed by the Customer Care Dept. Such correspondence may be necessitated by lack of response from customers, clarification of Customer Care policies, or verification of service request completion when other forms of communication have been unsuccessful.
  • Provides documentation to customer files as needed to provide full accounts of service work or challenging situations.
  • Performs follow-up calls on concern sheet signoffs as needed.
  • Follows up on Trade Partner progress as directed by the Customer Care Dept.
  • Performs other duties that may need to be assigned by the Customer Care Dept.
  • Schedule appointments with Trade Partners when they are required.
  • Get customer to sign off on all completed warranty work.
  • Will be required to help with QC’s and WHC’s when needed.



High School Graduate Minimum



  • Good construction knowledge.
  • Ability to analyze problems and take corrective actions.
  • Organizational aptitude to manage the job load and necessary paperwork.
  • Excellent people skills.



Under the immediate supervision of the VP of Construction and the general direction of the Chief Operations Officer, manages the construction processes for 40 - 50 single family and multi-family homes annually.   The Project Manager communicates and projects the proper attitude to all customers, trade contractors, suppliers and employees through all forms of communication (writing, verbal, appearance).




  • Performance, Quality and Conditions:

    • Maintain Goodall Homes and Community standards of performance related to timeliness and quality of construction, job site conditions, and customer satisfaction and job cost variances.
    • Performs daily QC inspections and documents defects and omissions on every jobsite under his/her control.  Transmits results to Company via phone/fax/or electronically (at discretion and direction of Company).   Also transmits schedule changes in similar fashion.
    • Coordinates miscellaneous “punch out” items in preparing house for final delivery and buyer closing.
    • Responsible for timely completion of pre-closing walk-through items.
  • Cost Control, Budgeting, and Purchasing:
    • Processes Purchase Order (PO) approvals upon successful completion of each phase of construction. 
    • Prepares and approves Variance POs to ensure that non-budgeted, but needed, items and labor are available to complete the house on time and with acceptable levels of customer satisfaction and product quality.
  • Scheduling and Ordering:
    • Responsible for maintaining construction schedule from start memo to project delivery of 125 days or less.
    • Responsible for using the Company’s formal scheduling system and maintaining all job schedules to their current status with proper activity sequencing. 
    • Responsible for reporting all scheduling updates to Company by e-mail on a daily basis.
    • Responsible for scheduling trade contractors and materials suppliers to ensure no “dead runs”, just-in-time deliveries.




  • Jobsite Maintenance:
    • Is responsible for maintaining marketing and job number signs on each job during construction. 
    • Responsible for securing homes under construction (closing windows/locking properties as required) and locking site trailers and storage areas at the end of each work day.
    • Responsible for care and maintenance of any assigned company equipment (tools, vehicles, computers) and/or maintaining personal vehicle and equipment to company standards if reimbursed for use of same.


  • Safety:
    • Is responsible for ensuring safe work practices are evident on all jobs.  Must insist upon compliance with Goodall Homes and Communities safety and health policies as stated in the Safety and Health Model Plan.
    •  Must understand and comply with all OSHA job site requirements.
  • Customer/Buyer Relations:
    • Facilitate and negotiate company position with “hard to resolve” customer requests.



  • Trade Contractor Relations:
    • Where necessary, has the coordinated authority with the Purchasing Manager to take disciplinary action in reference to trade contractor’s failure to perform.
    • Responsible for enforcing company cleaning, smoking, music, and general conduct policy on daily basis
    • Trains, and supervises the day-to-day construction labor on assigned job sites.  Labor is 100% done via subcontract. 
    • Also responsible for ongoing recruiting of new trade base.


  • Required Meetings and Project Review Sessions:

    • Completes pre-construction review of CAD prints, estimate detail, and schedule for each assigned house.
    • Attends and participates in weekly production team meetings.  Most important agenda items are resource scheduling/work backlog, field problem reporting, and completion times.
    • Conducts lot inspection / pre-construction conferences with customers for the houses assigned under his/her supervision.  Lot inspection requires filling out the lot analysis form and turning in to estimating.
  • Training:


  • Must attend and participate in regular classroom, jobsite, and/or webinar training sessions.
  • Knowledge gained will be tested on a regular basis. Project Manager must maintain acceptable level of competence in all areas relating to this role, as well as general computer competency, and knowledge of company operations, mission, and core values.


  1. Technical construction ability to manage construction resources and to diagnose and resolve field problems.
  2. People skills to articulately and professionally handle conflict with customers, inspectors and sub-contractors
  3. Ability to train trade contractors on construction techniques and field problem resolution.
  4. Organizational aptitude to manage the scheduling of all construction resources.
  5. Willingness to work hard and long hours in adverse conditions, including inclement weather.  May be required to work weekends.
  6. Must possess and demonstrate physical capabilities to lift 100 lbs. to waist height, and 50 lbs. above head safely. Must be able to negotiate stairs and ladders unassisted.
  7. Must be able to use transit/ builder’s level / laser devices to accurately set elevations (grade), and measure and square layouts and assemblies.
  8. Must pass basic math exam.
  9.  Must submit to personality profiling and random drug testing

10. Must hold a valid driver’s license in the state of Tennessee.


Project Manager compensation includes base salary plus  performance-based incentives based on the following accountability metrics (see specific compensation plan for details).


Under the general direction of the Chief Operations Officer, manages the corporate production support resources to maximize construction efficiency and corporate profitability.  Controls and reduces direct construction costs, participates in new home design meetings, and recruits and maintains reliable trade partners and suppliers.  Requires computer proficiency in Excel and Word and the aptitude to learn and use the specific back office software system employed by Goodall Homes and Communities (Timberline Estimating, Builder MT, and Sales Simplicity).  Supervises Purchasing, Estimating, and Design personnel.



Lead, manage, motivate, and hold accountable team members within the Purchasing, Estimating, and Design Department.

  • Grow future leaders within the Department.
  • Be an active member of the Goodall Homes Purchasing Committee.
  • Provide consistent and strong support to the Field Production Team.
  • Develop and maintain accurate, written processes for the production support function of the company.  Monitor the effectiveness of the processes, and revise and improve processes and procedures as needed. 
  • Prepares agenda and holds regular staff meetings for Production Support staff.  Submits Weekly Department Update report to COO.
  • Take ultimate responsibility for all functions within the Department which include:
      • Maintain plans, options and pricing components of estimating and purchasing databases, and sales front-end program.  (Timberline Estimating, Builder MT, and Sales Simplicity)
      • Oversees preparation of purchase orders and construction start packages.
      • VPO approval and monitoring improvement process.  Submit weekly VPO report to COO.
      • Maintain a cost variance analysis and reduction program.
      • Participate in correction of design problems to minimize budget variances, reduce costs and avoid repetitive mistakes.
      • Process change orders on homes under construction within 48 hours.
      • Maintain price files for each Trade Partner and in estimating database.
      • Monitor material and labor cost changes and cost comparisons.  Monitor commodity costs and submit report to Purchasing Committee.  Submit monthly report on margins for all products in all communities in time for Purchasing Committee Meeting.
      • Solicit bids from outside trades on a routine basis to confirm current competitive rates from Trade Partners.
      • Negotiate prices, including terms and model discounts, with all Trade Partners and, in addition, negotiate rebates from Manufacturers.
      • Review, qualify and hire Trade Partners.
      • Oversees creation and maintenance of Subcontractor Agreement manuals.
      • Ensure that all necessary documentation has been collected from Trade Partners prior to start of work and thereafter, update on an annual basis.  (i.e.:  subcontract, W-9, pricing, scopes of work, occupational license, etc.)
      • Maintain accurate standard specifications and scopes of work for each Trade Partner.
      • Work with Production in establishing and maintaining a trade Partner performance awards program.
      • Ensures all approved options are implemented into the design center with proper pricing, displays, literature and training needed for Design Center sales.
      • Continually look into innovative products and techniques, and monitor trends and changes in the home building industry.
    •  DESIGN
      • Facilitates the development of new products (house plans) based on specific needs of new land acquired by the company.  Development of new products includes conceptual stages, initial rough estimates for feasibility, development of detailed plans, and accurate final estimates.
      • Responsible for maintaining plans (blueprints) for all products.  This includes working with Purchasing, Construction, and Customer Care to implement needed changes. 
      • Responsible for coordination of needed professional services, such as architects and CAD services.
      • Order and coordinate surveyor and location plan services for starts.
      • Work with City Officials to get designs approved for construction and ensure all designs comply with local and national codes.
      • Solve design problems in the field.


      • Train team members to understand complete workflow.
      • Update and maintain all training materials and manuals.
      • Continuously improve team skills by increasing competency and investigating new strategies and techniques.



  • Weekly Staff Meeting
  • Weekly Meeting with COO
  • Weekly Production Meetings
  • Bi-weekly Great Game of Business Meeting
  • Monthly Purchasing Committee Meeting





  • 5 -10 years minimum in Construction, Estimating, Purchasing, Design with a production builder preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Proficient with personal computer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word.





  • Construction knowledge.
  • Ability to analyze job cost variance data and take corrective actions.
  • Organizational aptitude to manage the pre-construction job package routing and processing.
  • Computer aptitude and willingness to learn to process needed data and to communicate via letters, etc.
  • Must have understanding and willingness to take direct personnel actions re: non-performing trade contractors from time to time.
  • A willingness to handle accounts payable issues with vendors when necessary.




Compensation includes base salary plus bonus potential, plus Great Game of Business bonus program after eligibility.





WORKS WITH:      VP of Construction, VP of Sales, VP of Operations, VP of Customer Care & Quality, Trade Partners, Suppliers, Accounting Staff, and Office Support Staff.


SUPERVISES:      Purchasing Managers, Starts Coordinators, VPO Manager, Design Manager, and Designers.