The Closing Process

1 - The Welcome Home Orientation and Closing Dates are Scheduled

You will receive a call from our Closing Coordinator approximately 45 prior to closing to confirm the date, time, and location that your closing will take place. Your Welcome Home Orientation will also be scheduled at this time. This Orientation will take place approximately one week prior to closing. These meetings are very important, and you will want to schedule some time off of work on the days that these meetings take place.

2 - Acquire Funds to Close

You will need to provide certified funds at closing. You may have your bank wire transfer the necessary funds to the closing attorney's office (wiring instructions will be provided upon request), or you may bring a Cashier's check payable to the closing attorney from an in-state bank or credit union. These funds will include any balance due on your down payment, closing costs, and/or prepaids. Your Loan Officer will communicate this amount with you prior to closing. Your loan officer will also coordinate with the closing attorney to transfer funds for the remaining balance due on the home (the amount that you are financing). Once all of these moneys are transferred, keys can be issued to you for your new home.

3 - Sign Final Documents

The Closing Attorney will have some final paperwork for you to sign, such as a promissory note and deed of trust (if applicable), settlement statement, home warranty information and disclosures, etc. If you close with our preferred closing company, you will have an attorney present to explain the documents and answer any questions you may have regarding the closing process.

You will need to bring two forms of identification (at least one must be a photo ID) to the closing.

4 - Get Your Keys to Your New Home!

You did it! Once we have your lenders final approval of signed documents the closing attorney will provide you with keys to your new home. Congratulations, and enjoy your Goodall Home! We are so excited for you, and we know you will be happy in your brand new home.