The Buying Process

1 - Online Research

Many people choose to narrow down their search from the comfort of their couch before they hit the pavement in search for a new home. Often, a customer is able to narrow their search down to one or two communities, and one or two floor plans during their internet research. Goodall Homes has an Online Sales Consultant available to answer any preliminary questions that you may have. The Online Sales Consultant will also gladly set an appointment for you to visit the neighborhood (or neighborhoods) that you think will best meet your needs.

2 - Visit the Community of Your Choice

During your scheduled visit to the neighborhood of your choice, a New Home Consultant will be available to familiarize you with the area, the neighborhood, and the floor plans available to you within that particular neighborhood. They will also ask you a few questions to quickly discover what things are most important to you in a new home. This will save you a lot of time as you proceed with your new home search.

3 - Select a Home Site

Once you have selected a particular floor plan that will best meet your needs, the New Home Consultant will then be able to show you which home sites are available for you to build your dream home. There are several factors that will come into play here, such as the width and depth of the home site and what floor plans and/or elevations are sitting adjacent to the available home site.

4 - Build Your Home on Paper

This is a very exciting time, as you have now narrowed down neighborhood, floor plan, and home site! Now it is time to "build your house on paper", which is a time when the New Home Consultant will sit down with you and go over all included features with you, in addition to many personalized features that you may want to add to your home (i.e., granite countertops, hardwood throughout the common area, etc.). At the end of this time, you will have an excellent idea as to what your sales price is going to be, as well as an estimate as to what your monthly investment will be, including taxes and insurance. This will put you in a position where you are making an educated decision, based on your budget and the needs of your household. Oftentimes, steps 2-4 are done in one appointment, but depending on time, they can also be split up into separate appointments if needed.

5 - Write a Purchase Agreement

Once you have completed Steps 1-4, you will be in a position to make a decision as to whether the area, the neighborhood, the floor plan, the home site, and the payment is going to work for you. Then, you will be ready to write a purchase agreement. This will require an earnest money payment (amount is neighborhood specific), which is then applied to the down payment when you close on your new home.

6 - Make Loan Application

Once your Purchase Agreement is complete, you will want to make loan application immediately (unless you are paying cash for the home). Initially, this can be done online, but typically is finalized with a short appointment with your loan officer, so that he/she can answer any questions you may have, and so that you can deliver to them any necessary supporting documents. (See Mortgage Process for details on this step.)

7 - Interactive Systems Appointment

You will meet with Interactive Systems to finalize all in-home wiring, such as surround sound, alarm systems, cable and phone placement, etc. This is a very exciting time, as this will give you an opportunity to begin personalizing your new home!

8 - Design Center Appointment

At your Design Center appointment, you will finalize your option selections, as well as choose the colors you desire for your new home (i.e., flooring, countertops, cabinetry, paint color(s), lighting, plumbing, brick, shutters, etc.).

Before construction begins on the home, you will be required to pay 10% of the option total, which is finalized in the Design Center (10% not to include structural options like bonus rooms, elevation, etc.). This, too, goes toward the down payment on your new home.

9 - Blueprint Design and Ordering of Lumber

Once all of these selections have been made and your loan has been approved, you can rest easy while we begin the construction process, which begins with the drawing of your blueprints and the ordering of your lumber. Within a week of finalizing your selections, your New Home Consultnt and the Project Manager at your community will conduct a Plan Review, thus beginning the Construction Process.

10 - The Construction Process - (Includes Weekly Communication Throughout Construction)

During the time that your home is under construction, your Sales Representative and Project Manager will contact you weekly to give you a Construction Update, and to answer any questions and/or concerns that you may have. This will keep you informed as to what stage of construction your home is in, and it will also add to your excitement as you take part in the building process. This is also a time where you will get to know your Project Manager and Sales Representative very well! (Please see "The Construction Process" tab to learn more about the various stages of construction.)

11 - Close on Your New Home

Once the Construction Process is completed, it will be time for you to close on your new home, get moved in, and begin enjoying life in your new Goodall Home! You will enjoy celebrating holidays, taking a Sunday afternoon nap, entertaining guests, watching a good movie, and so much more in your new home, and it is our goal to help create a very happy memory for you! WELCOME HOME!