Let's take a look at some of your most commonly asked questions...

Where do I begin?

You are starting in the right place--right here online! Many of your questions will be answered as you navigate this website, and you may even be able to narrow down what community and floorplan will work best for you and your family. Goodall\'s Online Sales Consultant will be happy to answer any preliminary questions you may have, and will gladly schedule a time for you to meet one on one with a New Home Consultant at the community of your choice.

How much is required of me to start the home-buying process?

The amount of earnest money varies, and this is a question for the New Home Consultant at the community in which you decide to purchase. Rest assured, it is a small price to pay to secure the home of your dreams on your chosen homesite! This earnest money will go toward your down payment upon move-in.

When will I know what the final sales price will be on my new home?

During the home-buying process, you will have an opportunity to meet with a New Home Consultant and our Design Center Coordinator, who will discuss any upgrades and personalized features you may want in your new home. Once these decisions have been finalized, you will know exactly what your final sales price will be on your new home.

Do I need to apply for a mortgage before I write a Purchase Agreement on a Goodall Home?

Not necessarily. Under most circumstances, a buyer will apply for a mortgage after signing the Purchase Agreement on their new home (the Purchase Agreement is naturally contingent upon financing approval). Under some circumstances, someone may have reason to want to go ahead and meet with a loan officer to obtain a preapproval, which is an approval based upon credit and the information given through our online application. An official approval will be dependent upon verification of the supplied information.

What can I expect during the Buying Process and Construction Process?

This is a great question, and our goal is to make both the Buying and Construction Processes as smooth as possible. Please see "The Process" tab to get a better understanding of the Building and Construction Process at Goodall Homes.

How long does the Construction Process usually take?

Typically, the construction process takes about 150 days, with the first 30 days consisting of ordering lumber, obtaining permits, and letting the buyer finalize colors and selections.

Will I be able to know exactly how much money I will need ahead of time for down payment and closing costs?

Your loan officer will call you with this information about a week before closing. There are a lot of factors that determine the exact dollar amount of your closing costs and prepaid expenses. However, we will be able to give you a pretty good idea what you can expect, using an estimated closing date.

Will I get to do a walk through and make note of anything wrong with my home?

Our goal at Goodall is to deliver your home to you 100% complete. It is our job to find these things before you even have a chance to. Two weeks prior to closing, your home will go through a very thorough Quality Inspection, where these items are usually identified and resolved. If after this process is complete, you have any outstanding concerns, we will address them with you prior to your closing date on your new home.

Can I get my appliances and flooring elsewhere?

Unfortunately, no. In order to pass certain inspections, and in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy on the home, all flooring must be complete, and certain appliances must be installed. Because of liability restrictions, we are unable to let third party, non-approved vendors do any work or installations within the home prior to closing on the home. You can, however, change out any flooring and/or appliances you would like upon closing on your new home.

What does my HOA fee cover?

Depending on the community that you are building in, the answer to this may vary. For instance, the HOA fee will be more in a Townhome or Condominium than in a Single Family Home, but it will also cover more. For example, landscaping and lawn maintenance are included in the HOA for a Townhome or a Condominium, but not in a Single Family Home. Likewise, repairs to the exterior of a building (with exception to windows) are also covered by the HOA of a Townhome or Condominium. To get more detail on HOA specifics of a particular Goodall neighborhood, please visit our Homebuyer's Corner section of this website.