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Date Posted: October 8th, 2014

Position Title: Assistant Project Manager

Under the immediate supervision of a Project Manger and the general direction of the VP of Production, assists in managing the construction processes for 40 - 50 single family and multi-family homes annually. The Assistant Project Manager communicates and projects the proper attitude to all customers, trade contractors, suppliers and employees through all forms of communication (writing, verbal, appearance). This is a training position with the goal of becoming capable of managing projects on your own and becoming a project manager.


Performance, Quality and Conditions:
- Maintain Goodall Homes and Community standards of performance related to timeliness and quality of construction, job site conditions, and customer satisfaction and job cost variances.
- Performs daily QC inspections and documents defects and omissions on every jobsite under his/her control. Transmits results to Company via phone/fax/or electronically (at discretion and direction of Company). Also transmits schedule changes in similar fashion.
- Coordinates miscellaneous “punch out” items in preparing house for final delivery and buyer closing.
- Responsible for timely completion of pre-closing walk-through items.

Cost Control, Budgeting, and Purchasing:
- Processes Purchase Order (PO) approvals upon successful completion of each phase of construction in abeyance of Project Manager.
- Prepares and approves Variance POs in absence of Project Manager to ensure that non-budgeted, but needed, items and labor are available to complete the house on time and with acceptable levels of customer satisfaction and product quality.

Scheduling and Ordering:
- Responsible for assisting Project Manager in maintaining construction schedule from start memo to project delivery with guidance of scheduling manager.

Jobsite Maintenance:
- Is responsible for maintaining marketing and job number signs on each job during construction.
- Responsible for securing homes under construction (closing windows/locking properties as required) and locking site trailers and storage areas at the end of each work day.
- Responsible for care and maintenance of any assigned company equipment (tools, vehicles, computers) and/or maintaining personal vehicle and equipment to company standards if reimbursed for use of same.

- Is responsible for ensuring safe work practices are evident on all jobs. Must insist upon compliance with Goodall Homes and Communities safety and health policies as stated in the Safety and Health Model Plan.
- Must understand and comply with all OSHA job site requirements.

Trade Contractor Relations:
- Responsible for enforcing company cleaning, smoking, music, and general conduct policy on daily basis
- Supervises the day-to-day construction labor on assigned job sites. Labor is 100% done via subcontract.

Required Meetings and Project Review Sessions:
- Attends and participates in weekly production team meetings. Most important agenda items are resource scheduling/work backlog, field problem reporting, and completion times.

- Must attend and participate in regular classroom, jobsite, and/or webinar training sessions.
- Knowledge gained will be tested on a regular basis. Assistant Project Manager must maintain acceptable level of competence in all areas relating to this role, as well as general computer competency, and knowledge of company operations, mission, and core values. Some training will push an individual into problem solving situations with accountably for actions, in order to test ability to take on project management responsibility.

Contact Information
Matt Pater
Gallatin, TN

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Position Requirements
  • Specific skills and requirements will be discussed during the interview process.